Make Money Matter


An Issue In Society

Let's face it, not enough has been done by us as citizens to truly change this country. Something the CEO of Millennial Prodigy, Cheyenne "Tex" Keith asks a lot to his clients is whether or not they are donating money for causes and if they are motivated every single day when they wake up. Billions of dollars are spent every single year carelessly by adults and a recent survey done by Inertial Media indicated that 80% of people agree with the fact that they aren't motivated enough and they do not donate enough of their time or money toward causes for change. People are too scared of what their friends or family might think if they advocate toward certain situations. Why should that stop anyone? 


Millennial Prodigy was created to help the average person find the strength in themselves to chase their dreams no matter what situation they are in and advocate toward causes going on in society. Social advocacy is crucial to Millennial Prodigy. Too many people aren't willing to voice their opinions and don't know what cause they should go after and advocate. Millennial Prodigy is here for you to be courageous towards whatever cause you want to advocate for. We advocate you while you advocate the things that will change society. We make money matter because it's your money that we're dealing with. 


The Make Money Matter initiative is a service where we help other businesses find suitable charities or sponsorship opportunities for them to donate to. Billions of dollars are spent carelessly every single year unfortunately and when business owners come across our Make Money Matter program, they have guidance in finding a charity for them to help out. 

The same goes for anyone buying products from our store. We donate 10% of our profits to the nonprofit, StandUp For Kids. By helping you with social advocacy toward your dreams that in turn help you have the courage to voice your feelings, we are also helping children who want the chance to have a fair fight for education, housing, cleanliness, and a chance to one day be on your position. 


 About the CEO of Millennial Prodigy

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