Rags to Riches


Cheyenne "Tex" Keith is a true example of rags to riches. Just before he was born, his mother had been homeless and until the age of four he and his brother had lived with a drug addicted father while their mother worked two jobs constantly, just enough to put food on the table. Life hadn't looked too bright for the family as they were constantly moving and adjusting to life. While it had been tough, perspective was gained and one of Keith's goals in life is to motivate others to constantly seek perspective. Some of his accomplishments include;

Co Owner of Inertial Media LLC, Millennial Prodigy®, Fishin' Fool®, and OakVera Realty, Keith is currently a Humboldt State student majoring in Business Management while partaking in athletics for the school as well. Keith has taken many leadership roles which include hosting community events, organizing fundraisers, being a captain in multiple sports and achieving state and national recognition in both academics and athletics. Keith has built a team that specializes in web design, media production and marketing for his first company, Inertial Media. He has been taught and mentored by some of the biggest media specialists and business men on the planet including, Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Cole Hatter, Sam Ovens, and Jason Jennings. 

Is the CEO of Millennial Prodigy®, a millennial empowerment and motivation business by and for your peers. 

The founder of Fishin' Fool®, a business he built for his father who loves fishing. 

The Co-Founder of OakVera Realty, a real estate investing business that lives by the mantra, "Make Money Matter," by ensuring 10% of profits from each deal go toward non profit organizations. 

Recently did a Ted Talk on the need for failure as an individual, targeting millennials, to empower change in the community. 

In the publishing process of his new book, The 12 Foundations of Failure.

"I love networking with like minded individuals. I want to build businesses with an excellent model for sustainability. Together we can make this world a better place". 

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