Why Not You?

I was talking the other day with a buddy of mine and he had mentioned how he dreamed of owning a ranch. He doesn't come from a rich family and had shown a sort of dim mood. 

I asked him what the problem was and he expressed that he was so far from making it happen that it seemed impossible to accomplish. His family isn't rich, he's always been given the short stick in life, can barely stay in school, and just doesn't have the path in mind to follow in order to achieve that life goal. 

While having a plan matters, I will tell you right now that it doesn't matter how rich your family is, how short the stick you were given, what the schooling system thinks about you, or what others think about you. 

It's on you. 

I know that sounds rough but it's true. 

Now you might be thinking, "Tex, what about privilege?" 

There is privilege and it's bad here in the United States, people are always being given gold on their plates despite being an undeserving person. 

That person is not you so why are you going to complain? Be aware of what it's going to take to achieve your dreams because it's reality no matter how unjust it is and cruel our society is to the lower class and races. Being aware sets you apart from others because it allows you to plan your attack towards your dreams. I was looking at the Forbes list the other day and noticed the fact that most the millionaires and billionaires on there are SELF MADE. 

They didn't have a million dollar loan and weren't handed opportunities and they understand what it takes to change lives and make money matter. 

Look at people like Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Gary Vee, and the list goes on. These were all people who started from nothing and were looked down upon in the beginning of their rise to where they ended up. 


How did they do it?


It took time and consistency, but one thing that has always stuck out to me is the saying, "Why Not You" and "Why Not Me?"

These are two extremely powerful sayings. 

For me personally as most of you do not know, is that I didn't grow up rich. In fact my family was far from it. 

I had been in the same boat as my friend.

I made excuses to be able to deal with the problems in my life. 

I began playing football my freshman year of high school at a low weight of 104 pounds. You think I was on the track to playing college football? Nope. I was far from it and everyone thought that. No one thought I would even play at the varsity level at all in high school.




I almost thought that way too but one day I had a sudden epiphany. I asked myself "Why not? Why can't I be the one to make it to varsity? Why can't I be the one to lead a team? Why can't I be the guy to make it to college with little experience starting at such a small size?"

I realized that day how powerful that question is so I started working harder than ever.

It's what has driven me and I got to be at the varsity level all four years of high school and I continue to play college football at 215 pounds without growing even an inch from freshman year.  



It's always been a dream of mine to take football to the next level but I need to be real. If I do my best every single day and am blessed enough to play that is cool and all but every career ends at some point. 

The average NFL player loses all their money within 3 years of being out of the NFL. A back up plan is crucial for any athlete. 

Stars in sports are starting to see that and they start pursuing multiple passions in anticipation for the day that they are done with athletic activity. 

So, I decided to start a business.


In fact, I am the founder of four different businesses in four different industries in the short span of 6 months. Who does that? How is that possible? 

I had been living a "Why not me/you" lifestyle for a long time so I simply applied it to the business world. I had seen people like the ones mentioned earlier and how they went from nothing to something. 

Is it really that simple? 

I wish I could tell you that all you have to do is ask yourself that question and "Bam!" it all appears magically in front of you but that's not the case. It's one of the most difficult sayings to live by. 

It's often times lonely and there are more haters that will attack your ideology than you think. 

It takes consistency and you have to deserve to be at the top. This inherently means you have to work smart with an immense amount of effort and sometimes for a long time. It took 19 years for Bill Gates to reach billionaire status and he didn't take even a day off from pursuing his dreams. That separated him and average people. 

Why couldn't he do it? What was stopping him? Nothing but his own mindset and he realized that. 

Self made billionaire, Charlie Munger, had said that you have to deserve what you want in this world.

The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward undeserving people. 

You want to live out your dreams? You need to deserve it first. 

You want to lose weight? You need to learn to deserve to lose weight. 

Why Not You? Why can't you live out your dreams? Why can't you put it into your mind that you can lose weight?

For all the kids who are in the same position I was my freshman year of high school, what's truly stopping you from being a leader and achieving your goals? You might be small, you might be slow, but strive for that end goal EVERY SINGLE DAY and as it goes by an old coach of mine, David Moran, you'll get better inch by inch every day. 

You want to start a business, go start a business. Just go out and start working for it but understand that you have to live with a "Why not me?" mentality. Find people who know what they are doing and ask them for mentor-ship. Learn and always keep an open mind. 

What's stopping you from doing this? Nothing but your feelings toward what others might think of you and the possibility that you'll compare yourself to others. 

Understand that you'll have to reshape the way you live. Don't compare yourself to others. Don't even compare yourself to the person you want to be, just be your best self. 

One of the things you can pride yourself on when realizing that you're a prodigy is the simple fact that you have the ability to literally change the people around you. Everyone is a prodigy, we all have the ability to truly change society if we hone in on our talents and understand our dreams can become reality. 

Let's keep each other accountable to this mentality of constant growth from failure and success. 

Why Not You?

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~Tex Keith

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