Three Letters That Make Everyone's Ears Turn Up.


Three letters that make everyone’s ears turn up to listen are MVP. Most 
people think that this title is given to someone who is born a freak,
destined to achieve without having to try. It does symbolize the one person
who seems to be a cut above the rest. What you don’t hear is that anyone
can win that award. Anyone who’s willing to work hard enough can win
anything they set their sights on you just have to be willing to put in
work to achieve what you want.

In high school I finished my sports career as the MVP of every sport I
played. Football, baseball, or wrestling. I also competed in all three
sports at the next level at Northwestern College in Orange city Iowa. I’ve
stood a cut above the rest, and the secret is, I wasn’t born to do these
things. I used and continue to use two principles to guide me to where I’ve
been, or to where I’m trying to go.

 Principle 1. Discipline is the key to life, freedom, and happiness.

Principle 2. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Hard
work also creates its own luck, and speaks for itself.

Discipline equals freedom is something I picked up from a personal idol
named Jocko Willink. He gave me the idea that happiness doesn’t get you to
the gym, sadness, anger, depression none of that. Feelings run our lives
and the only way to control your life is to have the discipline to sit down
and make a commitment to yourself. Obtain command over these feelings. Look
into the mirror and say, I feel good I’m seeing results, but I have to keep
going. I feel sad, angry, upset, had a bad day, bad things happened, the

You also have to be willing to give everything you’ve got for what you
want. You have to be willing to sleep 4 hours for what you love. Willing go
to bed at 12am and get up at 4am because even though everything in your
body says no, you decided for yourself you are too diciplined to stay in
bed. You decided want to be great, and greatness can’t be achieved staying
in bed. That mentality will spread through-out your entire life. Joe Rogan
calls it “taming your inner bitch,” and if you never quit you’ll never
fail. Get to the gym 4 times a week. Eat right, make the right choices and
carry a positive attitude then let it spread into the rest of your life.
Making your bed, might make you want to get up a little earlier than you
are used to: that will lead to having more time in the morning. More time
directly equals less of a frantic rush to get places. Going to events early
can lead to a more important connection than the event itself simply
networking with the people you meet there. Being too diciplined to eat
poorly will keep your brain healthy which will help everything you do in
life. My favorite example is this, NO ONE, puts BAD gas or BAD DIRT CHEAP
parts and oil into a Ferrari. Your body is no different.

Hard work is what separates dreams from reality. Everybody wants to be
Kanye. Everyone

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