Two phrases that WILL help you get over the fear of rejection. -"What if" & "Oh well"

The more you fail, the more you will succeed. 
You might be thinking how is that possible?
How does failure help you succeed? 
The answer is simple. Every time you fail or are rejected it builds calluses. You don't fear rejection or the uncertainties it presents. Becoming familiar with rejection makes you less and less scared of taking risks. Which in the business world, if you don't take risks, you will never grow. Be smart with your risks. But never be timid to venture down the unknown.
I've lived by two simple phrases. 
I'd rather have an "Oh well" than a "What if." 
The "Oh well" and "What if" factor is what created my company InertialMedia LLC. These two simple phrases is why I'm sitting here in downtown Austin, Texas. Writing this blog from a luxury apartment that costs $3,000 a month to rent. And I have traveled more than I ever have, due to financial freedom. 
It's what began my journey when I sat in a coffee shop 5 months ago in Arcata, Ca with my business partner Tex Keith. I had -25$ to my account and only had 10 dollars cash in my pocket to last me a week.
I had just gotten fired from my restaurant job which I bartended and served at. I was at a crossroad and had no direction, no money, and no way to pay rent.
I had something priceless though. I had something money couldn't buy, I had something no one could touch, and something not many people have.
I didn't fear failure.
When I was fired and broke, I didn't panic. I didn't fret.
I went to work.
I went to work on something I've never done before.
I started my own digital marketing company with my best friend Tex Keith.
We had the tools, the skills, and the degree to pull it off.
We just didn't know where to start.
We had met at that coffee shop for about 2 weeks straight. Learning from Tai Lopez's SMMA program. Learning Google Ad words, Analytics, Marketing campaigns, you name it we were glued to our computers trying to digest every bit of information, to better our craft. 
That wasn't enough though when I got fired I was broke and had no income whatsoever. 
So thats when I told Tex to shut his laptop, to put away his note pad. Let's go on a walk. ( I honestly didn't know where) 
We left the coffee shop and walked around a little town by the name of Arcata. (If your not familiar with it, google it. There's the plaza, redwoods, ocean, and weed. Maybe in that order)
We walked into furniture shops, barbershops, shoes stores, clothing stores, dentist office's, law office's, even into a famous doughnut shop called Dons donuts. We didn't care, by each place we entered our sales pitch improved. ( I guess practice makes perfect)
Now here's where the "Oh well" and "What if factor" came into play..
Each time we walked into a place, we had no sales script, we had no tangible items to sale, we had no company, no website, no nothing.
Our goal was to sell social media marketing. And it turned into something way more than that. (Will explain in further blogs) 
We got turned down more times than not, and Tex was hesitant each place we walked into. Especially the law firm's, the doctor office's, and the dentist office's. Aka the big hitters.
Every time we were about to walk into a business I told Tex I don't know what will happen, but id rather have an "Oh well" than a "What if." 
I'd rather say "Oh well" they didn't want our service. "Oh well" we got turned down. "Oh well" we sucked at our sales approach. 
And I'd rather not say "What if" they wanted our service.. "What if" they accepted our offer. "What if" we totally killed it and got a 500$ offer. 
You see that day I learned a lot, I had never sold anything in my life besides food and alcohol. I've never been door to door, Ive never done online marketing for a company. 
What I didn't want was for fear to keep me back from trying.
Now, some of you have business Idea you want to start. Maybe some of you want to approach that girl/boy you've always wanted to talk to. Apply for that dream job, speak in public, go back to school, apply at an ivy league school. The list can go on...
I just know fear prevents many of you from accomplishing things you never thought you could do in the first place. 
So whatever fear you have, I challenge you next time it approaches you to ask your self -would you rather have an "OH WELL" or a "WHAT IF?"
This approach has allowed Tex and I to build our business and be where we are at today. Allowed us to Travel, and has allowed us to meet the best of the best. 
Tex with Tai Lopez's lead Body Guard  
 VIP lunch with Tai Lopez
It's your life, up to you to decide your approach. 
-Joshua Isaac Sarate
Co Founder Inertial Media

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