Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

School, work, and maintaining my relationships with friends and family are all what used to be on my mind. Being kind of selfish which everyone should be sometimes, Getting caught up in my own life a lil too much, I decided to take a step back and reflect… ponder… I took a look at what others were doing. I saw my friends, people I related to, doing things we used to talk about in high school alongside the cliché of college. They were branching out, each doing what they said they were going to do… helping others, helping their communities, growing beyond what we thought possible…

With enough thought, I decided to get up and do something for others. And I also thought, at the same time, maybe I can learn too.

Looking at the great work some of my peers were doing, such as Cheyenne “Tex” Keith was doing with his brand Millennial Prodigy, and also looking at the work of some internet famous people like Gabe Tuft and his group/brand The Body Spartans, I thought I could perhaps do something along the lines of motivating people into doing more healthier and positive things.

Spending my time researching and solidifying a game plan with the help of the Millennial Prodigy blogs and testimonials, I was able to finally get my business, one of my dreams, on its way to becoming a reality. With it still being in its startup phases, and for my safety and the safety of my business’s future, I cannot share much more.

But if y’all want to find out more and perhaps embark on a journey that your friends and family maybe already on… If you want to become of something that will help bring us together... If you want be a part of something big… Stay tuned and you will not be disappointed.

Until next time folks,

Carlos D. Razo

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