"Life is long if you know how to use it"- Seneca

Everyday I hear people say they do not have enough time in their days. I hear from elderly people, "Where has time gone" I often hear "If I only could go back in time and change this or that."
Time is no question our most precious asset that we have. But why do we use it so poorly? 
In 2017 I made an investment on a book called "The shortness of life" By Seneca.   (Seneca the Younger (c. 4 BC – AD 65)
To say the least this book changed my life.
After reading Seneca's book, it opened my mind to an entirely different world. I began to take inventory of my life, my surroundings, my friends, my family, even finances. I then came to the conclusion I wanted a change. I wanted a better relationship with my family, I wanted better friends, more money, and a better environment. 
In order to make a change, I knew I had to spend my time more efficiently to do this.
In todays digital world, we have so many distractions ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Tv,  Dating apps, you name it. Its a 24 hour circus of distractions. 
So I began to limit my time on social media, I stopped watching Tv, I stopped wasting my time around friends that were not conducive to my progression in life.
When I was driving I made a rule that the only time I could listen to music was when I had company. If not then strictly educational podcasts. 
Books, podcasts, and learning tutorials must replace the time I was routinely wasting on entertainment. 
Spending time with friends that are goal oriented and self driven. Seek mentors of people who are at where I want to be. 
No bar scene unless its Sat after 5pm. (I believe in a healthy balance okay ;) }
My routine was hard to get used to at first, but after awhile It became a lifestyle. And I found myself having more time in my days when I wasn't wasting it going through Facebook feeds, Instagram, watching Tv, watching sporting events. I than after a long days of work would have an hour or two more before bed to read a book I've always wanted to. 
Furthermore, this knowledge I was acquiring at a faster paced allowed me to take calculated risks, elevate my conversation's with people, start my own online company. Things I would have never done, or be doing, if I didn't truly understand the meaning of how to avoid getting distracted, in a very distracting world. 
Also, I'm not saying to go all robot on me and to have zero fun. Like I said, life is all about healthy balances. 
I just know through cost opportunity ( My economics teacher would be proud )  That whatever activity your involved in at the moment, shares the same opportunity of missing out on another activity. So through my time allocation process, switching from entertainment and social media distractions, to self learning has truly changed my life. Has changed my outlook, my happiness, my understanding, and I just hope this for all of you to share the same vision I'm seeing of this world. And are able to be knowledgable of how we are using our time every single day. 
-Joshua Isaac Sarate 

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