How Much Are You Willing To Risk?

I was talking with a business partner of mine and he had mentioned how much has happened in such a short amount of time. It wasn't even a year ago that I had the opportunity to learn from a guru in business and go off on my own and start my own business. 

But the beginning was all but sunshine and rainbows. In fact, I can tell you that it was a huge test to see if my business partner and I had what it takes to be successful. 

Let me ask you this; are you risk-averse?

Meaning, are you afraid to try something because you don't know how it will end up? I think it can be agreed upon that our country is pretty risk-averse. 

With that in mind, I want you to realize the enormous upside of not being risk-averse. 


My Trip To Meet Tai Lopez

I had no idea a single conference could change how I view my life. A lot of people just know about the good stuff I have been through but not many people know what it truly took to achieve what has been achieved the past 6 months. 

I have been following Tai's teachings for the past year and I remember during football of my junior year of high school seeing his first YouTube video ad that went viral. I never thought I would actually get to meet him. 

As it goes, I had just been paid $1,000 from a lawyer who was a client at the time and that was what I had in my name, no more and no less. I saw the opportunity to go see Tai in LA in October and told my business partner, Isaac Sarate that we had to be there. 

If there is something I've really learned from Isaac, it's that the power of networking is insane and most people are too afraid to do it. 

So, with the $1,000 in my name I planned a budget that would spend all my money with no knowledge that it would pay off. Risk-averse was not in our dictionary and we were in a high risk situation. 

I drove 13 hours straight with my partners from Humboldt County to Los Angeles to be at Tai's conference that started at 10:00 and I was late!

I literally changed from my dirty driving clothes in the lobby bathroom of the hotel the conference was at, the Fairmont Miramar. Arnold schwarzenegger was there and I found out that it was a place where millionaires liked to stay. 

I looked out of place changing in the bathroom and on top of that, I didn't have a hotel panned out yet so I kept my suitcase with me at the conference. 

I spent $700 just for a private lunch. Imagine that. I have never spent over $30 for a plate of food and even at that price I am stingy. But I knew there was something to come out of it. 

I had in mind a goal to network with as many people as possible but soon realized that everyone had that same goal. 

I began to have a low mood until Isaac told me that we have to network genuinely. 

You see, too many people get in the habit of being so self centered that when they introduce themselves all they want to talk about is themselves. 

I took that to heart and just tried talking with people. It worked because the people who were worth the time in talking to in the first place were people who understand that same rule Isaac told me. 

Like minded individuals attract. 

We met people like Cole Hatter, a millionaire real estate investor who has played a huge role in one of my businesses, OakVera Realty. I had no idea who Cole was before the conference. 

We met Juan and Samir Chibane, two guys who have made a million dollars off of eCommerce and I had no idea who they were. In fact, I treated them as if I would anyone else and we had planned on shooting hoops after the conference. Juan and Samir helped me in the creation of this site!

We met Jaiden Gross, a young entrepreneur who is in Tai's close circle and owns multiple businesses as well. I had no idea who he was and as it turns out, the knowledge I have gained from him unto this point in my career has been incredible. 

You see, I didn't even know what was happening. At the time I was harping about how much money I had spent on a plate of food to be able to just see Tai Lopez. I hadn't been in the moment. 

There was a positive feeling in the air however because we had been under the assumption that we would sign with a client and that would scale our careers exponentially. I am talking millions. 

It didn't turn out that way that night and the signing was pushed to another day. 

We hadn't planned on this. 

My partner slept in the streets of LA due to this. We had no idea where life was going to take us. 

As you can imagine at this point I had panicked a lot. But there is something I learned from my partner that night. 

There is value in everything you do even if you don't see it. He had as positive attitude that you can have in that type of situation. 

It was a humbling experience but we learned a lot. 

Live in the moment and think long term!

We sacrificed a lot just to learn. I spent all the money I had, my partner slept in the streets and I had no idea if any of it would pay off. 

It did and I had no idea that it would. Those people I met literally changed my life and the Return on Investment was insane. 


Don't be Risk-Averse


Always have great perspective. Anyone else would have quit being in that situation or they wouldn't have even made the trip. Start to think about investing your time and money in networking and learning from others. It doesn't matter how much money you have. 

A buddy of mine Alex flew from Australia for that conference to be able to learn and genuinely network with others. 

A kid Marcos from Chicago spent all his money in hopes that he'd find a mentor at the conference. 

If you're willing to put in the work and your heart is in it at full capacity then you'll be surprised as to how much you can accomplish. 



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  • Ronnie Webb

    I also think a good message is that you trusted your own intuition. Regardless of whether you passed the idea by your friends and/or family. Even if they said you’re crazy to spend 1k on a lunch conference. You did it yourself which is huge. Even if you didn’t have the paradigm shift that you had you still would have learned a lesson whether you failed or succeeded. Much props to you for just going for it.

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