Along This Journey

 Along this journey you are going to reach a point where there is an endless amount of things to do and accomplish. The biggest question that I looked at recently is, what do you do when you reach this point? As I dove into it, I realized that one can feel overwhelmed very quickly. What I realized worked for me is that I had to break it down. Breaking it down by the month, which lead to the week, then the day, to the hour, then to the minute of that hour and then I realized what it was. Living in the moment and dedicating that moment to your vision (Can replace vision with job, work, hustle, goals, life, etc). By living in the moment and dedicating all, if possible, or most of your moments to your vision, then you will start to feel better about having an endless amount of things to do. It can be very overwhelming and I get that. But find out your own unique way of 'breaking it down' that works best for you and who you are. That is the way that you will be able to feel better and that you are actually on top of life, instead of life being on top of you! None of the 'next year', 'next month', 'next week', 'tomorrow' or even 'not right now. This is your life, your vision, your moment. So do something about it.


-Kevin Gage


  • ZB

    Keep it up KG!

  • Chad Gage

    Right on good stuff!

  • K1

    Yo, this shit is dope.

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