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Handling Stress

Even with the best intentions, many of us believe that our emotions are out of our control, that they happen spontaneously, and that we handle them in a multitude of ways. But in fact, there are four basic ways in which people deal with emotion. Do you recognize any of these? Once you identify your primary strategy for dealing with emotions, you can shift to an approach that truly works for you. AvoidanceThe first defense against negative emotions is avoidance. We all want to avoid difficult or painful emotions. As a result, we tend to avoid any situation that could lead to the emotions we fear, or worse, try not to feel any emotions at all. While avoiding negative situations...

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Who Controls Your Emotions

Everyone wants to enhance their quality of life. Everyone wants to be more fulfilled. But almost all of us get stuck at times in our limiting beliefs and emotional patterns. We make habits out of feeling frustrated, worried, sad or overwhelmed. But it is these disempowering habits that prevent us from doing what we are really capable of – even if that something is just being happy.   While we cannot control the events that happen in our lives, we can master how we experience these events. People are always going to encounter stressful times. It could be losing a job, losing your health or even losing a loved one. Something happens that is outside our control, and it knocks us down. But stress,...

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How to Get Motivated When You're Not Motivated

Can you imagine Elon Musk ever waking up on a Monday morning only to press the snooze button repeatedly because he just didn’t feel like going into the office? Or, Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg? It would be quite a surprise if you saw one of them laying on the sofa in a bathrobe trying to gather the strength to turn off  the second season of “Stranger Things” on Netflix and head to the office. Yet, many owners of small businesses have those moments. When that lack of self-motivation hits, some shake it off while others struggle to re-energize and press on. That’s when it’s time to think about how you might work on a plan for topping up that self-motivation fuel...

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Putting Bamboo In Your DNA

I am a grinder. You're a grinder. Get that in your mind right now and let it soak in for a minute. There are things that make us different from the "average" person.  Have you been working hard in a particular area of your life, but not seeing the rewards for all your effort? Maybe you have been spending countless hours learning how to trade, researching for stocks and doing hundreds of trades, but not making the huge profits you expect. Maybe you have been spending hours and hours working on your new business, only to break even or losing money year after year. Maybe you have spent hours encouraging and tutoring your child, only to see him/her continue producing...

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